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New Smart Mini Gaming Keyboard Remote
Source:http://www.ilinktec.com/product/?108_457.html | Date:2014-11-10


Glad to release our New Smart Mini Gaming Keyboard with Air Mouse (Model: ILK059)

--- Perfect for Smart TV, Android TV Box, PC and game consoles such as PS3 and Xbox, the innovative design allows for easy navigation and text input, and connects to your device via wireless with a built-in USB dongle. The convenient and practical multimedia control keys provide quick and easy management of your audio and video devices, and with a range of 15 meters  you can operate conveniently in your home, conference room, or classroom.

Product Features

  1. 1. Mini Gaming Keyboard with Air Fly Mouse Function.
  2. 2. Convenient & efficient for Presentation & Internet, Playing games.
  3. 3. Optional languages : English  (Note : Please specify in Order).
  4. 4. Multi-Touchpad DPI Adjustable functions.
  5. 5. Six-axis Gyro 3D Air Fly Mouse
  6. 6. Built-in Microphone & Earphone for Skyping calling
  7. 7. Backlit function allow you to easy operating in dark environment.
  8. 8. Ergonomic design, Perfect shape
    9. Supports Android TV Box/ Dongle & Smart TV, Windows PC
  9. 10. Dual power supply mode: removable rechargeable Li-ion battery and AAA battery.



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